Tuesday, May 31

Thoughts about the Swedish music scene

Interesting read today that the revenue on NCB/STIM (renvenue stream for performing/recording artists) is on the rize in the Nordic countries, over the last few years. The article ( in Swedish) claimes that people spend more on concert tickets, a Swedish crown roughly seven to one USD. Ok, a rather small market, but a great trend for the live scene, n'est-ce pas?

Revenue stream back to the performing artists (in SEK).

On the other hand, the public is said to pay less money on CDs. This was mirrored by another read (also in Swedish) a few days later, where an adjectant trend reviels that less money is going into recording of new music, studio time et cetera, and fewer groups will get the opportunity to record.

Somewhat troubling, as several industry gurus believe that recording the drums in the studio, while patching up the rest in the basement of the parents house in order to save money, is a downright bad idea. They claim this takes a painstaking toll on upcoming albums in terms of quality, dynamics and brilliance. Meaning, the less money coming in, the lower quality on the offerings - and fewer players. Shouldn't it have been the other way around, with prices on recording software and hardware and falling cheaper studio rates.

I wouldn't blindly agree on the fact that illegal downloading is the sole villian here and that alone would be the reason why the music industry isn't soaring with more new bands than ever. Partly because of the actual enjoyment of owning a physical album for a number of reasons; pictures to look at, lyrics to enjoy, and partly because of the difference in overall sound quality of a CD as compared to a five megabyte download - not to mention what it sound like on vinyl (ah, bliss). I think it's about meeting the demands of the general public in a new media age, and finding new models of revenue which make it worthwile both in a next quarter perspective as well as in the long run. Let's face it, fewer yet more mainstream music may seem as a safe bet at first in the eyes of a media corporation strategist, but who would actually want to go there in the long run? It's in the diversity and multitude of genres, various music traditions and styles the magic lies, right?

On our own part, we will continue to offer a variety of tidbits, oddities and demo tracks for download, typically in destructive compression formats, to share our ideas and thoughts with fans and others. And yes, there will be an album in a box for people to buy, as well as digital formats for the iPod cowboys.

Sunday, May 29

Waiting for that Contract...

Yup, any day now the legal stuff will land in Rob's mailbox. Since none of us has dug into the innards of a record contract, we think it looks good. But then again - so do we. There it is, written in ink on paper: we're actually going to go vinyl as well as to CD. So all you turntable junkies out there; you have a real treat coming your way!

Two days 'til our next (and second to last!) rehearsal, but we're getting increasingly confident, but there are a whale of details to sort out. Rob is doing a marvelous job keeping stuff together, so lots of kudos goes in his direction.

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Healing Stomach of Cribster

Finally the eminent GLP Bender Chris is back with tensioned farts.
During the battle between Clostridium Difficile vs Flagyl, he`s making
progress to do well with backup vocals at the first recordings of drums & bass
next week.

The Blurb

Third rehersal this week, but we're getting there! Robert ofter speaks of the blurb, an entity created by being together, fueld by us striving towards our common musical goal. Someone is down, the others pick him up. Probably what a band is all about :-)

Janne relaxing, thinking about yesterday's beer-session.

View of a hard-working drummer as seen from the keyboards.

The 15 second intro
Thomas got it in the end, a real fighter. The beat went:
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, bash.....bash..bash

Wednesday, May 25

Tuesdays end well

With some poetry reading on the parking lot, we ended our rehersal session tonite.
Lots left to do, looking forward to dig into the old songs. The westcoast version of "The Maze" has been totally rewritten, into something darker and more demanding.

Reflections from Walking in the Maze at Hampton Court
What is this mighty labyrinth - the earth,
But a wild maze the moment of our birth?
Still as we life pursue the maze extends,
Nor find we where each winding purlieu ends;
Crooked and vague each step of life we tread, -
Unseen the danger, we escape the dread!
But with delight we through the labyrinth range,
Confused we turn, and view each artful change -
Bewildered, through each wild meander bend
Our wandering steps, anxious to gain the end;
Unknown and intricate, we still pursue
A certain path, uncertain of the clue;
Like hoodwinked fools, perplex'd we grope our way
And during life's short course we blindly stray,
Puzzled in mazes and perplex'd with fears;
Unknown alike both heaven and earth appears.
Till at the last, to banish our surprise,
Grim death unbinds the napkin from our eyes.
Then shall Gay's truth and wisdom stand confest,
And Death will show us Life was but a jest.

From "British Magazine", A.D 1747

Keyboard jockey Alex in Hampton Court, checking it out...

Tuesday, May 24

Two weeks left...

On June 4:th, we enter the studio once again. The tracks of "Tales from the Maze" are forming and taking their final shape. Follow our endevour in text and images on these pages. Here's our reherals scedule for the upcoming events. Maybe you are passing by Edsberg and can eavesdrop on our evening sessions...

Celebrating the upcoming event with Mr JP from ArtPerformance of Amstedam (far left) and mixmaster Micke from Over the Hill Studio (second to the left) in Täby. This album "Tales from the Maze" will be recorded on location, and mixed my Micke and mastered right here in the Rockholm of Stockholm.

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