Wednesday, September 28

Day 21: Almost there (Red 5 standing by)

Lost in thought, he's sitting there....

Six tracks down, one to go. "Under the Sun" is the last track off Robert's string of mighty creations for this album. Micke said that the blog sure would look nice with some more images, so let's go wild with a comprehensive coverage of the last days' action:

Here, drummerboy visiting on Tuesday, maybe this was why he got whezzie and fled?

Micke and Rob having a giggle before the showdown at OK coral

Study of Rob's excellent technique - scare the mike!

Micke is worried that we've run out of channels....

Oh no, it's Terminator 2 coming to get us....

Detail view of analog/digital grand mixer

See the relaxed stance, takes years to get there...

Guys, recording can be great fun. Drummerboy in a good mood today!

Phew, that's that - signing off!

Next session on Sunday - with some more vocals from the dynamic trio!


Tuesday, September 27

Day 20: Happy men!


Things are skidding along, but in a good way. El Bongo, a.k.a Drummerboy, came to see the singing trio today, but folded after a while. Hope it wasn't the harmonies that got to him...

Cribba and Rob delivered as ususal, even though I was nagging about infintedecimal impurities in the vocals at hand. Sure, it gets to Mr C occationally, but it's all in good faith. Not to mention the outcome, which is marvelous - of course :-)

The "Happy Man" has never been so content, full of life and wonder. Not to mention, the chaotic ending which is worth fighting for.

Robert, riffing away on ye ol' acoustic

Thomas, happy as a bug in a rug

Cribba, who showed up in a new cut today, looking suave as always

Until tomorrow, then!


Monday, September 26

Day 19: Evening of Dreams

Another day in paradise,

Micke has come down with a cold, but is relentless in his supporting act. Listening,
backing up, preparing another take. "Here we go again", he chuckles.

Cribster did a great session, with tenderness and in half voice he produced the finest of dubs and harmonic overlays on Robert's clear leads.

Ocean of dreams is a monster, that track has so much in it. It's brutal, it's fragile, and has grown much like we have as a band. As the designated blogger of the Maze, I can only smile secretly.

You're gonna like it!


Sunday, September 25

Day 18: Biting down on it

Friends, fans and other followers,

We are getting there, slowly but surely!
It's like the definition of the gap between what's on our mind, and how things really turn out. We're not Freddy, we're not John Anderson, we're more like, well er, the Maze of Time. But at the end of each session we nod and grin, 'cause the end result of each track is like a victory of its own.

Robert enjoying himself in the heart of the Over the Hill studio.

We could say "that's a wrap" to several tracks during this session. We still have some ways before we're all finished but Cribba and Robert are giving their utmost in every take. Myself, I've made a few contributions as well however small. Singing in a studio gets to you, especially without any digital effects to hide behind.

Will post some more images in due time before we're all done, Micke sends me some crude camerashots every now and then - the above would be one of them. I've been so focused on the job at hand, I forgot to even bring my proper camera. But on Tuesday, I'll bring it for sure so you can share these last memorable moments.



Sunday, September 18

Day 17: Vocal forerunner

It's Lady May,

Cribba and Robert are heading right into the storm. Micke has loaded up with two new
Lexicon units and a good mike. It's been a while but things sound pretty good from where I'm standing.

Cribba by the mike, delivering some good stuff

There were som new arrangements, of which most was good but some didn't pass the test. Wonder if it was guru Anders who talked them into it - anyhow, just like famous writers say: There is no good writing, there is only good rewriting.

Song rehersal Sunday 25:th, 2PM at Rob's place

See ya

Monday, September 5

Day 16: Celebration - instruments on tape!

A milestone in this production has been reached! Haleluja!

Robert has bent his last D-string for this production, and boy did he deliver!
It's crooked, it's bent, it's weird, but it's all there!

Congrats from the crew to our composer/guitarhero!

We're gonna have a vocal dress rehersal Thursday, which in turn means that we'll have a go at the vocals in about two week's time. After which, we'll celebrate a bit more seriously. From then on, it's up to the sensitive ears and fingertips of Micke, accompanied by JP and Anders.

Don't forget to load our feed into your favourite news reader and you won't miss a thing:



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