Monday, June 5

Whistling for Willie?

Nope, but The Swingin' Mazers are going to haul ass down to Sweden Rock Festival 8-10 June bright and early Wednesday morning. If you see four, five guys with long hair and black tees on, feel free to come up say hello... no, wait ther're like gonna be ten thousand guys down there that look like that, that's not gonna work... er, we're gonna have to wear our white tees instead.

That's it! See a bunch of guys wearing white in the middle of an herd of fanged, black-as-sin, hairy orch-look-a-likes, that's us. Come right up, and we'll buy you a round. 

Pretty good line-up this year, wouldn't want to miss Michael Schenker group, Purple, Tull and many others. Meanwhile, back in the studio, we're cooking. And soon, very soon now, we're out in the open with our album... You're probably gonna like it, even Max the dog.


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