Tuesday, October 18

Pre-order for early birds

Well, with our new album on the way, there are more stuff to do, apart from waiting by the phone for the mixerguru to call telling us there is a first, raw compilation of some of the tracks.

Thomas showing off a raw burn of the first track down.

We are lucky to have an excellent team of supporters, who help us with anwhere from cover design, photography, illustrations, great ideas, lunch - you name it. One of the requests come to us is somewhere to sign up for an album once it's out.

By the way, did I mention that Robert is back in the studio once again this evening? There was this solo that kept Cribba sleepless for a week and a half, and then Robert an entire week on top of that, that needed an extra go. Haven't got the full report yet, but am pretty assured Robert and Micke have set it straight, just like they always do!

Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite!


Wednesday, October 5

Day 24: DONE - We've just recorded an album!

After roughly three years, we're there! Hooray!!!!! This twentyfourth day is a day of celebration and rejoice!

The ideas in Robert's head are actually turning irreversibly into an LP (and a CD), nothing less than the first full-length audio experience with the Maze of Time constallation. The Maze of Time goes public!!!!

I left the guys at about 10 PM, and they just kept on going into the night. Asked Rob when he made it to bed. "Late", he replied. "Very late".

So, friends, family, fans and others who have taken part of this blog and our recording session: We say thanks, for all the appriciation, support, patience and good humour that has reached us in person, by mail, phone and otherwise.

For Micke, Anders and JP (our producer and sugerdaddy, remember?) the journey has but begun, and we'll keep you posted on every twitch of a finger, or raised brow from our supporting crew.

JP is on his way from Amsterdam to meet us and check out our endevours. He liked it last time around, we've heard, but he just might like it even more with all the astounding lyrics :-) Anyway, time will tell. Rumour has it ArtPerformace will treat us for dinner in a couple of weeks.

And yes, there will be pictures, just hang on for a bit!


Tuesday, October 4

Day 23: Clean-up day


A kind of in-between session today, correcting oddities, erasing some weird stuff. Cribster had to bail early today but we had lot's of stuff to do for tomorrow's grand finally with "Under the Sun". Micke looks steady as we go and will surely last another night, he's been in this game before.

Pics to follow!


Sunday, October 2

Day 22: Caught in the hands of time

I can smell it, it is near, the mixdown is imminent!

(Webster: Imminent; noun, means impending, as in: "When she heard a storm was imminent, she backed up her work and unplugged the computer").

It was cleanup-time in the studio, not that Micke is doing dirty business in there, more like cleaning up the debris on tape. Janne came by had got a rudimintary scan of just about everything, and uttered a general approval. However, although we didn't get vocals onto that last song today, we're still a happy bunch. Actually, I even got to redo two of the most easily spotted keyboard hick-ups, for which I'm most greatful.

Waiting for some pics by any chance? Well, here they are!

Alex trying to find that third voicing

"Although I'm drifting away", he's not. It's looking good!

Cribba in the making

Wednesday, or maybe even Tuesday, we meet again (with flowers in our hair)!


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