Monday, August 22

Day 15: O Solo Mio

This one goes by rumor as well. Rob alone in the studio. Well, not completely alone 'couse Micke was there to assist as usual. Anyhow, the story goes that Micke was standing outside on the porch, wearing his favorite Swedish wooden clogs. Contemplating on the uneveness of the laid stones of the garden path, he discovered that by wiggeling his big toe to and fro in a certain fashion he could produce a distinct sound pair, one low tuned and one with a sligtly higher pitch. Clic-clok-clic-cloc-clic-cloc from the rocking clog. Rob was inside in the mixing room fine tuning the Stratocaster, and heard Micke cry out. "Hey Robert, what song does this sound like?" followed by some more clic-clok-clic-cloc-clic-cloc.

Robert smiles and answers without batting on an eye: "Time"

Well, there you go! And for us - two more songs down from the guitar guru. After completing more elaborate solos on the remaining four tracks and we're down to our last item on the recording roster: Vocals. More to come, alas

Signing off

Keyboard Al

Sunday, August 21

Day 14: Solo!

This is it!

First of two days of solos - the finals before the vocals and the end of our parts of the recording journey.
after which mixing, mastering and everything else that you'll learn more about in due time.

But first things first: LET IT RIP, DUDE!!!

Go, daddy, go!

In the midst of it, Robert called in an old trustee, the infamous band echo, to give some of that ol' homecooked groove

I like it!

Greateness starts with a single it somewhere

Find out for yourself, I promise you'll like it

Sunday, August 14

Day 13: Guitarman goes live

We've been waiting for this...oh yes! Robert is going in for the grand finale.
But wait, first have to take care of some dubs 'n fills. I wasn't on location but I heard that
the Stratocaster had to rest and enter the Yamaha. Tomorrow, yes today we lock 'n load, next day we rock!

Check out the pictures and tell me if this is a genious we see in the studio, or what...

Pic from Micke's camera phone, works like a charm

Now I know where "pedal to the metal" comes from :-)


Wednesday, August 10

Day 12: Secret meeting with Drummerboy

Well, what happened? How did it go?

We don't know yet - only Micke and Tompa share this secret nocturnal event. Hopefully, we'll get a report in the morning, but it was something involving tamburines, cowbells, and maybe the occational China crash...

But wait, here's the beef. Thomas excelled in his task, although we think he took the "dive into percussion" a bit too seriously, don't ya think! Drummerboy did really, really well and added to the mix in an excellent way!

Happier than a bug in a rug

Oh no, going down

The implements of distruption

Yeah, that's the way I like it


Sunday, August 7

Day 11: Here's a solo for ya!

Yes, apart from giving these songs a spine from the ol' Laney, this guy also does solos! Classic, crisp and right on the button. This was nearly the second time our pet Tank Commander fell off his shelf. Actually, there are a number of red rockets that fell behind the mixer that will prove hard to retrieve. In the meantime, the Tank Commander has only his mean looks to defend himself with - which he does pretty well, I'd say.

Our guide, composer and fellow musician Robert I Edman joined us today, and changed some minor aspects of yesterday's session, but was untouched for the morepart, which is considered a good evaluation to say the least. And Cribba himself left the building content as well.

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

How about that note, it wasn't off it?

That's about it - over you to Robert...

Singning off!


Saturday, August 6

Day 10: Strumming Man

Some tan, better stomach, getting hungry - Cribba is on the move, tight as a drum.

Five tracks to go and two days to make it. Micke is his usual wonderful self and no lunch was served today. Luckily, I brought soda, bananas as well as my own secret sandwich - and fortunate was I, since Cribster did it all in one go!

Happy Cribbadude in one of his fav poses.

See y'all in the mornin for the last three tracks of supporting guitar and some Cribsta' solos!


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