Wednesday, July 20

Summer Break

Time to get some tan on pale studo bodies. Rob and I met down in south of Sweden to pull the lid off a few brewskies. Madly enough, I was in charge of the grill and had some glazed beef coming up pretty good, I' say. Rob's dauther is a dream, while mine was a menace as usual. Anyway, we headed down the next day to Folk & Rock to check out the competition, and found some great albums to bring home for inspiration for future releases.

We'll probably jump back on the recording bandwagon by the end of this month, if recording yokosuna Micke is back in business by then. Some more guitars and then on to vocals and the odd percussion extras. We've spent about seven full days total so far, so we're somewhere midway down the line before final editing and mixdown.
But summer break is good, puts things into perspective and we will listen again with refurbished ears.

Tune in soon, and we'll give you the rest of this story.

Keyboard Al

Sunday, July 10

Day 9: Da guitar cruncher

On to guitars, with Cribster himself back from the dead (at least from bed). After several sweaty hours and two tracks down the road, the gang decided to change route and start from scratch. Any normal guy would moan and groan but not Dr C, he just came off the blocks as decisive as ever. Myself, I turned up a bit late after washing my cellphone (60 degrees, extra rinse, 1000rpm) and had to go shop for a replacement. But timely enough to hear some of the best guitar crunch in quite a while. Way ya go Cribba Cribsson!

Here El Cribbo having one of his first proper meals for some time now.

Collected, with a keen ear and tight strumming, Cribba listens to one of his licks on "Oceans of Dreams", in a version darker and more intriguing than ever before.

Signing off, longing for more guitars!


Monday, July 4

Day 8: Keyboard Finally

Happy 4:th of July!

Whew, 20 something hours of ebony & ivory takes its toll. Rob, Micke and went through somewhat of an ordeal on this one. But, in terms of results, we're all smiling.

Alex relaxing between takes. Behind the cool surface, who knows what lurks within.

Everything just right, Micke hasn't interrupted me for some time now, so I must be doing something extraordinay here.

That's it - all finished. Alex seen in a mound of keyboards and ready to hit the road. Happiness with a twinkle of sorrow for the session being over. You can't tell in this picture though, but I was pretty drained from all that hammering.

Next: Day 9 with Cribba and his flaming guitars and roaring Laney

Sunday, July 3

Day 7: Keyboards + live8live party

Starting out with some serious sessions on the Clavia Nord Electro II, and the Roland FP that had been previously abanonded for some time due to the enchanting tonal quality from delicate Steinway sampling from the Clavia team. Progress every single hour to everyone's content.

In the evening, Rob and helpers prepared a feast while anticipating the live8live tonite. Look especially at those tasty burgers we have coming. Big Cahoona with just about everything on top.

This was a special day for many reasons, knowing ever since June 12 that pigs will fly before the day was over, meaning of course that whenever pigs do take off and fly Pink Floyd would reunite and play once again. Their dispute, lasting well over 20 years, was concidered petty for the four musketeers in comparison with the poor state of our mutual planet. Below, a tidbit from Wikipedia about the original pig:

"The original Pink Floyd pig was designed by Roger Waters and built in late December 1976 in preparation for shooting the cover of the Animals album. The 40 foot pig balloon was flown around Battersea Power Station on the first day of attempted shooting, with a marksman prepared to shoot the pig down if it broke free. The pig didn't escape, but none of the photos taken that day were considered usable.

The second day of shooting, the marksman wasn't hired; but the pig broke free after a huge gust of wind. It disappeared from sight, and was spotted by airline pilots at 40,000 feet in the air. Flights at Heathrow Airport were cancelled as the huge inflatable pig flew through the path of aeroplanes, eastwards from Britain, over the channel, finally landing on a rural farm in Germany that night."

In any case, the concert was short, but awesome. The kings of progressive were back, but for a day, and showed themselves in full splender. Today's blog picture goes to Nick, Richard, David and Roger for doing what they do.

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