Wednesday, January 4

Mixdown in progress

Dear All,

It was getting close to the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and holiday feasting took its toll. Therefore, it's been kind of quiet on the blogging, with little to share. However, in the still of the night, Micke has been busy along with Robert and Janne, fine-tuning the mix and balancing the various tracks and corresponding sounds.

So, at the moment of this writing, all tracks but one have been mixed down to master files. Yet, in the progress of the last but one song, Micke found an even greater level combination, making us go back on two tracks and redoing them in the new flavor. A bit iterative? Yeay sure, but like in tour golfing - it's the end-result that counts, not the fancy trajectory of a shot of the tee:-)

Therefore, with apology to those who though we'd gone astray, some pics from the audit process for you to enjoy.

Guys who listen together, dance together?

Nothing like a hardcopy!

Soon, everyone can - just like Robert - enjoy Maze of Time's album in the privacy of their own home. Great stuff!

Catch you on the flipside!


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