Sunday, May 8

There is a new blog in town

Yup, we destined to create more music, good stuff coming your way at our new recording blog - right here, right now!

Stay tuned and tell you friends.



Saturday, March 15

Oops, we're at it again!

Dear friends, fans and relatives,

We're at it again, creating a sequal to Tales with a new effort.
As usual, you can follow the follies on our recording blog, only a
click away at

We hope to fill you in with the goings on through quotes, pics and clips from
the busy days at Over the Hill.



Tuesday, December 19

The fat lady sings

Well, that's it for this blogerama. The album "Tales from the Maze" is out in the open. You can prelisten the end result at CD Baby, and while you're at it - why not support progress(ive) and buy a CD for someone you love. When enough people have chipped in, we can go on and press that vinyl that we've talked so much about, so in the end everybody's a winner :-)

Our deepest gratitude for support, horrays and commentary throughout the events of the last year, and we'll see you in the next chapter of the journey towards truth and happiness when the Mazekeepers once again enter Mike's dungeon in the near future.

Keep Swingin'


Monday, September 11

Homepage up again! This time we're a little better off, with a little help from our friend Emil, who kindly offered us continuous assistance in our endevour to spread our sound.

New and improved version, can be seen at

And yes, check out also, great source for that hard-to-find progressive album.


Monday, June 5

Whistling for Willie?

Nope, but The Swingin' Mazers are going to haul ass down to Sweden Rock Festival 8-10 June bright and early Wednesday morning. If you see four, five guys with long hair and black tees on, feel free to come up say hello... no, wait ther're like gonna be ten thousand guys down there that look like that, that's not gonna work... er, we're gonna have to wear our white tees instead.

That's it! See a bunch of guys wearing white in the middle of an herd of fanged, black-as-sin, hairy orch-look-a-likes, that's us. Come right up, and we'll buy you a round. 

Pretty good line-up this year, wouldn't want to miss Michael Schenker group, Purple, Tull and many others. Meanwhile, back in the studio, we're cooking. And soon, very soon now, we're out in the open with our album... You're probably gonna like it, even Max the dog.


Saturday, May 20

Nothing like a good ol' wait?

Happily, we're not the easily excited kind. In fact, we're already planning the continuation of our endevour where each of us would have a go at introducing some
newly written stuff, appropriately tranformed through the Maze of Time "filter".

Johnny, our man in Amsterdam, is hunting for the best deal possible, with the widest distribution radii possible. We've already had some luck, but we have yet to have a break in that department. Release is still sceduled for September, so hang on there. In the meantime, we offer you our new logo for the upcoming release:



Tuesday, March 7

Upcoming Saturday

Finally, finally, finally!

Micke has done an awesome job, and on top of that, he's inviting us all to his home for a group review of the entire masterpiece. JP has come up from A'dam, hopefully to give his approval of the final result. And then, off to Dalarna to the Master of mastering!

Keepin' ya posted - pics from Saturday will follow!


Friday, February 24



That's pretty much it. Mixmaster Micke has completed the album, the full enchilada.
Intros, extros and bells 'n whistles are all there. As always it's all about compromising, killing darlings and sticking to it.

Like Rob said, it's been a true journey, especially for him with his newborn Emma joining his family but a few weeks ago. Welcome to the baby girl and welcome to "Tales from the Maze" - our first full-length album.

From here, JP is up from Amsterdam to listen to the result of our endevour, after which the package is sent to Dalarna for mastering.

In the meantime, myself and pixel artist Gabriel have been busy with the cover artwork, layout and graphics for tangible and intangeble look of our new release. We'll give some hints here on the blog, but the final result will have to wait for the release (and the corresponding party).

Alex - Keepin' you posted as always!

Sunday, February 19

Mixed, but not shaken

Janne called me a few days ago, kind of mellow, saying we're just about done.
JP (Art Perf.) is coming up this upcoming week to listen in, mix all done, tracks in order and all we have left is some into and extros, with sounds captured during the summer sessions. Perhaps even that HUGE rainstorm, so loud on the tin roof, it prevented us from recording that night.

So, we're giving birth really soon - our musical offspring, or the Blurb as Robert calls it.

Concurrently, we're working on the eye-candy. With the valuable from Gabriel from Kärrby Creative, the visual aspects of "Tales from the Maze" will reach up, and post probably surpass our expectations - perhaps even your's as well...

After FX add-ons, it's off to Dalarna for mastering for vinyl and CD!

Bombs away!


Friday, January 20

Techy stuff

Not only you have to hit the right keys at the right time, ya need to be a tech whizz too. Our website hosting company will discontinue and stuff had to be moved off-site.

Luckily, our good friend Emil was kind enough to allocate some space on one of his servers. For our fans, everything remains the same, but in terms of services a broader range of stuff can be offered, since we now have more control over available software, open ports and so fourth.

Here's a pic of Emil, surfing his cell phone by the San Fransisco bay.

We'll perk up the site as time allows (i.e. when the album cover is finalised).


Wednesday, January 4

Mixdown in progress

Dear All,

It was getting close to the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and holiday feasting took its toll. Therefore, it's been kind of quiet on the blogging, with little to share. However, in the still of the night, Micke has been busy along with Robert and Janne, fine-tuning the mix and balancing the various tracks and corresponding sounds.

So, at the moment of this writing, all tracks but one have been mixed down to master files. Yet, in the progress of the last but one song, Micke found an even greater level combination, making us go back on two tracks and redoing them in the new flavor. A bit iterative? Yeay sure, but like in tour golfing - it's the end-result that counts, not the fancy trajectory of a shot of the tee:-)

Therefore, with apology to those who though we'd gone astray, some pics from the audit process for you to enjoy.

Guys who listen together, dance together?

Nothing like a hardcopy!

Soon, everyone can - just like Robert - enjoy Maze of Time's album in the privacy of their own home. Great stuff!

Catch you on the flipside!


Monday, November 7

Listening in

Micke has worked hard on the mix. Especially on "Distant Tomorrow", where the sound is startin to get to where we want it. JP of ArtPerformance seemes to like what he hears and might in fact be intrested in a continuation of our collaboration in the near future. But, first thing's first... The ball is in Over the Hill productions and ultimately Micke's corner and the rest of us are at his mercy, begging for pre-listening to again meet and great our baby in its new state of being.

Record lable rep. saying something like "wow, what did I just hear - is that you guys?"

Rob and JP from ArtPerformace, back where it all started in Micke's garden. (refering to archive pic from May)

p.s. Don't forget to sign up for the early bird release!
(then click on pre-order in the menu on the right)


Tuesday, October 18

Pre-order for early birds

Well, with our new album on the way, there are more stuff to do, apart from waiting by the phone for the mixerguru to call telling us there is a first, raw compilation of some of the tracks.

Thomas showing off a raw burn of the first track down.

We are lucky to have an excellent team of supporters, who help us with anwhere from cover design, photography, illustrations, great ideas, lunch - you name it. One of the requests come to us is somewhere to sign up for an album once it's out.

By the way, did I mention that Robert is back in the studio once again this evening? There was this solo that kept Cribba sleepless for a week and a half, and then Robert an entire week on top of that, that needed an extra go. Haven't got the full report yet, but am pretty assured Robert and Micke have set it straight, just like they always do!

Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite!


Wednesday, October 5

Day 24: DONE - We've just recorded an album!

After roughly three years, we're there! Hooray!!!!! This twentyfourth day is a day of celebration and rejoice!

The ideas in Robert's head are actually turning irreversibly into an LP (and a CD), nothing less than the first full-length audio experience with the Maze of Time constallation. The Maze of Time goes public!!!!

I left the guys at about 10 PM, and they just kept on going into the night. Asked Rob when he made it to bed. "Late", he replied. "Very late".

So, friends, family, fans and others who have taken part of this blog and our recording session: We say thanks, for all the appriciation, support, patience and good humour that has reached us in person, by mail, phone and otherwise.

For Micke, Anders and JP (our producer and sugerdaddy, remember?) the journey has but begun, and we'll keep you posted on every twitch of a finger, or raised brow from our supporting crew.

JP is on his way from Amsterdam to meet us and check out our endevours. He liked it last time around, we've heard, but he just might like it even more with all the astounding lyrics :-) Anyway, time will tell. Rumour has it ArtPerformace will treat us for dinner in a couple of weeks.

And yes, there will be pictures, just hang on for a bit!


Tuesday, October 4

Day 23: Clean-up day


A kind of in-between session today, correcting oddities, erasing some weird stuff. Cribster had to bail early today but we had lot's of stuff to do for tomorrow's grand finally with "Under the Sun". Micke looks steady as we go and will surely last another night, he's been in this game before.

Pics to follow!


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