Friday, February 24



That's pretty much it. Mixmaster Micke has completed the album, the full enchilada.
Intros, extros and bells 'n whistles are all there. As always it's all about compromising, killing darlings and sticking to it.

Like Rob said, it's been a true journey, especially for him with his newborn Emma joining his family but a few weeks ago. Welcome to the baby girl and welcome to "Tales from the Maze" - our first full-length album.

From here, JP is up from Amsterdam to listen to the result of our endevour, after which the package is sent to Dalarna for mastering.

In the meantime, myself and pixel artist Gabriel have been busy with the cover artwork, layout and graphics for tangible and intangeble look of our new release. We'll give some hints here on the blog, but the final result will have to wait for the release (and the corresponding party).

Alex - Keepin' you posted as always!

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