Sunday, February 19

Mixed, but not shaken

Janne called me a few days ago, kind of mellow, saying we're just about done.
JP (Art Perf.) is coming up this upcoming week to listen in, mix all done, tracks in order and all we have left is some into and extros, with sounds captured during the summer sessions. Perhaps even that HUGE rainstorm, so loud on the tin roof, it prevented us from recording that night.

So, we're giving birth really soon - our musical offspring, or the Blurb as Robert calls it.

Concurrently, we're working on the eye-candy. With the valuable from Gabriel from Kärrby Creative, the visual aspects of "Tales from the Maze" will reach up, and post probably surpass our expectations - perhaps even your's as well...

After FX add-ons, it's off to Dalarna for mastering for vinyl and CD!

Bombs away!


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